Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Press Release from the World War One Memorial Foundation

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World War One Memorial Foundation challenges lawmakers to show America the change they promised and pass the law for the National World War One Memorial.

 WASHINGTON, DC- November 9, 2012- In 2008 an effort for a National WWI Memorial spearheaded by the late Frank Buckles was launched in Washington DC. Today the WWI Memorial Foundation has released it's latest video narrated by Emmy Award Winning actor Richard Thomas. Titled 'Ultimate Honor' is an 8-minute film that shows the history and challenges of this effort.

With this films release another call to action for the politicians. "The politicians have advanced the law this far which is exciting. We have no lobbyists or major veterans groups that have stepped forward to help. But will congress pass a bi-partisan bill to honor 5 million veterans that does not cost the taxpayer a dime?" Questioned David DeJonge the groups President.

HR6364 replaces the plan to add additional elements near the DC War Memorial and instead grants use of a small portion of property to the north of the WWII Memorial on the National Mall for a WWI Memorial to the veterans that served during the first World War.

 Europe has already surpassed 100 million dollars in financing to remember World War One. America's only official effort to honor these veterans is still locked in committee after nearly 4 years of effort.

"This law has now officially been stalled in congress longer than America was in World War One. As we approach the Centennial of WWI, America is the only major Nation to not be preparing to recognize The Great War." Stated David DeJonge co-founder of the foundation.

A documentary on the memorial process and the life of Frank Buckles is slated for release in 2013 and is titled 'Pershing's Last Patriot'. The two hour documentary will walk the world through the 110 year life of Frank Buckles and show exclusive footage of the memorial effort.

Veterans day was started in honor of the Armistice of World War One 94 years ago this Sunday.

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